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Search engine optimization (SEO)


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing a websites ranking in the search engines, search results. The higher your website is in the rankings the more visitors your website will get. SEO is one of the most if not the most important part of internet marketing. Without SEO your website will probably not show up on the front page of Google and thus will get no traffic.

Search engine optimization can be broken down into 2 categories, On-page SEO and off-page SEO.

On-Page SEO:

When a “search engine spider” visits your website, having clean html code, with correct meta tags, descriptions and heading tags is very important. This shows the search engine that your site is quality and that it deserves to be ranked high in the search results.
Title and Meta description:
Title tags and meta descriptions are some of the most important parts of SEO, they tell the search engine what your website is about as well as tell the search engine user what your website is offering. Making an eye catching title can make a huge difference in the amount of people will click on your site.

Heading tags (H1, H2 etc…)

A heading tag helps the search engine understand what your webpage is about. The H1 tag would be the main heading of the article on the page, the H2 tag would be a sub heading within the article.

Alt Tags

Adding alt tags to your images on your site tells the search engine what the image is about and also then helps the search engine understand what your website is offering. Example if your website is about “dog collars” and you have an image on the site of a dog wearing a collar then you would give that image the alt tag “dog collars” so when the search engine visits it knows what the picture is about.

Keyword Density

10 years back you could just stuff your content full of keywords and then rank on the search engines for those specified keywords. This is not how it works now, Search engines such as Google are a lot smarter. You want your keyword mentioned enough times to help the search engine understand what your site is about. Rule of thumb is between 3% and 8% for keyword density, anything higher might make your website look “spammy”.

Off-Page SEO:

Once your websites on-page SEO is up to scratch its time to work on the off-page SEO. Off-page SEO consists mainly of link building. There are many different types of link building available.

Article Submissions

Submitting articles with links back to your site to quality article directories is a great way of getting quality backlinks.

Directory Submissions

Submitting your website to website directories is a great way to get your website name out there as well as create quality 1 way links.

Social Bookmarks

Social bookmarking links have become extremely powerful over the years, they show that your site is popular and that it has something interesting to offer. Google LOVES social bookmarking links.

There are many more different SEO techniques and strategies out there but we keep those secret, we don’t want our competitors stealing our ground breaking techniques.

If you are serious about your Internet Marketing career and want your website to succeed then it is vital that you get an SEO campaign started on your website. It often boggles my mind that people will spend thousands if not tens of thousands on getting a website design but then don’t bother with getting the SEO done, what is the point of having a website that gets no visitors? Yes SEO can be pricey but once your site reaches the top of the rankings it will easily pay itself off and save you a lot of advertising costs in the long run.
What we will do for you:

• First we will analyze your chosen keywords as well as other potential keywords that may help you get more traffic for your site.
• We will then analyze your competitor’s websites and SEO link profile in order to give you the most effective SEO campaign possible.
• We will Analyze your websites on-page SEO and help you fully optimize the site to get the most out of your campaign.
• We will then use our special link building strategies to rank you on page 1 of Google, Guaranteed!!!

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